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Morgan Spence

In S2 Morgan has created a video for top music producer and DJ Paul Oakenfold. The DJ has supported Madonna on her world tours. He was asked to create a video for the music supremo after his work with Lego and animation received acclaim on You tube.

He was also nominated for the Young Scot Award in 2013

Andrew Hamilton

Andrew was one of the gold medal quartet who came out on top in the 4 x 100m at the national athletics championships at Grangemouth Stadium. Outside school Andrew runs for Kilbarchan Harriers

Dominik Wylie

Selected by the Royal Yachting Association to represent Scotland in their National Windsurfing Squad, racing in Bic Techno 6.8 one design class in 2013 and 2014.

Ben Hamilton

Competed in the Scottish Schools Individual Fencing Competition 2012 and attained 11th place in the Foil Class.

Morgan Spence

Morgan has created an animated film 'Disaster Island' which is starring in a British Red Cross campaign.

Players must choose the best course of action when faced with disaster scenarios.

The stop-motion film is part of the charity's campaign to highlight the importance of being prepared for emergency situations.

Morgan Spence

The introduction of a major new talent in stop go animation. His film tells an exciting story involving a jail break.

Watch and admire the attention to detail.



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All pupils at Johnstone High have an vital part to play in how the school is organised and run - teachers cannot do it on their own. The most important way in which pupils can contribute their ideas and opinions is through the Pupil Council.


Pupils are elected by others in their year groups to represent them on the Pupil Council (Junior & Senior). Their role is to represent the pupils and participate in the school decision making process. Pupils hold office for a year at a time and elections are held at the beginning of each academic session.

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Alumni: Former pupils of Johnstone high School

Do you know anyone one here? They are all ex-pupils of Johnstone High School so its probable that you do. They might now be even parents of some of you, so read on and find out what they've been up to!

If you're a past pupil and want let others hear how you're getting along. Email Mr Munro to provide an Update. Mention a few outstanding Memories. You might give credit to your favourite Teacher(s) with reasons. And why not give a big 'shout out' to some Friends

Helen Burnett

Update: Emigrated to Australia when i was 18 married a jock 2 beautiful girls Memories: met my best friend Anne brown and we still keep in touch!!!! Teacher: Mrs Brown Reason: gave me encouragement and told me not to leave school at 15

Lisa Barr

Update:: I am currently studying at Glasgow University. Memories: Common room with the Mofo crew. All the teachers. The prom Teacher: Mr Lawson Reason: Always there when you needed to talk to someone or wind someone up. Good to annoy. Had a good laugh in the Higher class. Friends: Kylie- best bud. Stephy- legend, very sporty, Mel crazy, never shuts up, Fiona- hilarious, Carly- top gal, good at football! Sanna- good for a chat, Hannah- nice girl.

Jill Mitchell (Burns)

Update:: I was supervisor in JD sports, then left to be a full time mummy. Memories: just being in the milling areas with friends having a laugh Teacher: Mr Shepard (the art teacher) Reason: he was cool not like the other teachers plus art was the best classes Friends: Kirsty Renolds.

Gordon Armstrong

Memories: being chased my Mr Graham Teacher: Mr Mustapha Reason: i remember Mr Mustapha for loving polo mints

Myra Axworthy

Update:: I now live in Kirkcaldy, Fife and have worked for Bosch Rexroth for 25 years.....I have an eight year old daughter and have been with my current partner for 15 years Memories: Winning 4th year champion girl shield in sports Teacher: Reason: None in particular I don't think but I could name one who embarrassed me or humiliated me in the class

Karen Busby

Update:: moved to Wemyss Bay and trained as nurse. Now living in Dunbar and have 2 kids.

Teacher: I was terrified of Mr Steele and remember Mr Jamieson, Mr Mustapha and Mr Clarke and of course my English teacher Mr Young. My History teacher, Mr Clarke inspired me to have a love of the history and I still read books on the subject to this day. Friends Angela Kerr and Jacqueline Fraser.

Christine Armour

Memories include loving Music and Languages and hating History, Geography and Maths. Fav Teacher was Mr Stevenson who was my shorthand teacher and was a good laugh.

Friends included Yvonne Campbell, Betsy Alcorn, Elaine Craig and Catherine Cairns

Lorraine Fox

Currently living in South Africa.

Memories include the walk to school on winter mornings.

Deborah Craig

Currently living in South Africa.

Update:: I am currently living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in the good ol' U S of A! I am married, have a stepson and my own business, which is doing rather well. Life is good , nothing to really complain about, except petrol is going up again. Hope everyone is good. Memories: Lunch, Geography, Physics, being the only school for miles around that had our own pool. That damn hill! Exams suck. Playing with plastic golf in Mr Watson's classroom. Teacher: Mr Darroch Reason: He taught me to think about what I really wanted in life and then think how to go about getting it, then go do it. He taught me to believe in me. Plus he's a really cool teacher, I took six years studies Geography and it was a riot. Love Ya Graham. Friends: Mr Darroch, Mr Watson

Annie Gowers

Update:: I've got a modeling contract with Models Direct, Currently working in the Gala Bingo in Maryhill and staying with my boyfriend David who i have been with for 2 years now, both living together with our 1 yr old rottweiler and couldn't be any happier!!! xxx

Memories: o0o0o0o where do I start....Teacher: Mrs Macloed: Reason: She was a great teacher and kept you in line ;o)Friends: I don't even know where to start any one that wants too remember me!!!!

Laura Gilmour

Update:: Hi, After getting my BSc (hons)in Pharmacology from Dundee University in 1996, I've been working in the pharmaceutical industry. I currently work part time as a biochemist in the drug discovery division of GlaxoSmithKline. I got married in 2001 and have a 2yrd old son called Max. Myself and a few Friends (Simon Morrow, Dave Sharp, Nick Young, Lisa Begley) are organising a reunion for people who left school in the early nineties and (any interested teachers who remember us!) which will be held on Sat March 3rd at Bowfield Hotel, Howwood. Call 07969 190065 or visit our website for further info and tickets. http://ccgi.hadham.plus.com/index.php See you there.

Memories: I loved school. I remember Mr Edgar and his band (I think he was a first year teacher when I was a first year pupil) and those afternoon Christmas discos. I remember how packed lunches were slightly warm by lunchtime after sitting on the underfloor heated floors all morning. I remember spending lunchtimes and free periods in the music dept irritating the long suffering Mr Dunlop. I remember getting told off by Mr Steele for sitting on a banister while doing prefect duty on the science corridor stairs. Mr Darroch had a great way of teaching- it was fun and made the subject easy to grasp. Mr King was an inspiration both as a chemistry teacher and an upper school head.

Teacher: Mr King Reason: Mr King was an inspiration as a chemistry teacher. He sent myself and another girl in my class (Maggie McDonald) on a Women into Science and Engineering event when we were both 15 or 16. We both still work in the science industry. He also inspired me and built my confidence as I prepared to leave home to go to University- he was the head of the upper school at the time and helped with various aspects of the application process etc.

Brendan Harris

Update:: For sins in files no one has released I became a teacher. So I taught. And still do. My no. 1 niece Eilidh Harris is in 5th year, being all artistic. Memories: In no particular order... getting the belt from Mr Steele for being in the building at interval." Making Mr. O'Neil run like a loony for a long pass during a game of football. (ho ho) "Inspired" by Ms. Cowan.

Teacher: Mr. Geddes Reason: Just want to pay tribute to the most fantastic teacher I ever studied with: Mr. Geddes. In stature a small man, but as a teacher of disillusioned,disenfranchised adolescents, a giant. In short (ho,ho,) an inspiration.

Friends: I went to a 10 year reunion and didn't recognise too many people. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

Charris Gillingham

Update:: God, where to start?! Went straight from school into an HNC in Business Admin with Travel and Tourism - hated it! Then trained as a midwife for 3 years before becoming a nursery nurse and nanny. Went to work for British Airways at Glasgow Airport as a customer service agent/trainer where I stayed for 5 years. Then became a support worker with a variety of different client groups for 3 years. Following my own qualification, I became a social care trainer/assessor with OnePlus (until their liquidation in January 07) and am now a training coordinator for NVQUK. Married Gary in May 06 and live in Elderslie.

Memories: First day - terrified!!! Missed school bus in first year and Mr Steele gave me a lift home! The brand new 6th year common room (in 1990) - wow, we were spoiled! The CD jukebox that was always on and no one could never understand how it never made any money (nobody realised that me and Lissa Forrest were always first in in the morning and used to sneak into Miss Jeffrey's office next door where the control panel was, to press the "free credits" button hundreds of times so we could have our music played all day without ever having to pay for it!!!) Loved school, quite sad I know but it's true what they say - they really are the best years of your life!

Teacher: Mrs Hadcroft and Mrs McManus Reason: Mrs Hadcroft (Latin) - loved that woman, was gutted when she left. I know she terrified some people and she was quite formidable but I think she shaped my life and made me believe in myself. Mrs McManus (French and German) - again, had a long lasting effect on me in that I realised I had an affinity for languages. I loved French and German at school and I had Mrs McManus for both. She didn't take any crap but treated you like an adult and, if you gave her respect, she gave it back. Friends: Alison and Lissa - still see them regularly!

Alan Hamilton

Update:: Working in Glasgow as a Director of a software company. After J-High went to Glasgow Tech to do Chemistry with IT & Instrumentation (thanks to the inspiration of Mr Hooton, the best Chemistry teacher J-High has ever had!).Came out with a 2:1 despite never doing very well at Higher Maths. Married with a four-year-old daughter.

Memories: Chemistry experiments before the COSHH regulations.i.e. potassium permanganate producing huge clouds of purple smoke - open all the windows! 5th and 6th year discos in the junior building. Trudging back and forward between the buildings in the pouring rain to go to different classes. Mr Steele (headmaster) with his iron rule and excellent drumming skills!

Teacher: Mr Hooton Reason: Made chemistry really interesting and encouraged me to go for it, when another science teacher (who will remain nameless) suggested I left and got a job. Friends: Craig Wright, Alison Laird, Helen Jamieson, Gary Lafferty, David-John Findlay

Kathrine Johnstone

Update:: Working in Mcdonalds sine i left school. Memories: The school football team Teacher: I don't really know Reason: sorry Friends: No not really I still see Tracy


Update:: Since leaving school, well...... I've done rather alot! not found my "goal"! Recently signed up for the army, so we shall see how that goes..... Memories: Running down the hill at the end of the day! haha. Teacher: Miss Syme Reason: She was wicked! Best teacher I had.

Muriel King

Update:: Now a teacher in Kilbarchan Primary, married to Robert McArthur with three sons, Jamie McArthur,Calum McArthur and Lewis McArthur. Was in school when Mr Steele was headmaster.SCARY!! Lives in Kilbarchan still. Memories: Used to have excellent music department and remembers Mr Park as a teacher and Mr Graeme.

Mike Lynch

Update:: ah man its been awhile since I've left now. Well i went off to study music! Ended up Getting an HNC in performance and promotion. Had a good auld time messin about. Decided i needed a real career, currently going training to be an auto electrician on buses lol. It's surprisingly fun and mentally stimulating :P Still in a band with some current sixth years (Alexander Holmes and Danny Shankland

Memories: Many duke of Edinburgh expeditions. Times spent Moggy's messin up her classroom. Playing cards, table tig and on odd occasions sellotaping people to chairs! Lunch times in the common room. The Neds!!!!! man i miss them

Teacher: Mr Baird Reason: he taught us to open tea shops, selling water and many other relevant topics. Plus he should be an example to all teachers. When he talked about giving up music as a profession it made me think.... Looked very sad and so it has inspired me 2 stick at it Friends: plenty

Alyson Kyle

Update:: Started Uni last year but have just quit. Not for me!! Working in HMV full-time. Memories: Laughs in the common room as well as the smell.

Teacher: Moggy and McG Reason: Winning that award wasn't good enough for mcg but he was always a laugh in class. And moggy for just being moggy - love that woman! Friends: Nic, Iain, Carrie etc (too many to name)

Natalie Lochhead and Carrrie Smart

Update:: WE ACTUALLY LEFT IN 2006!UPDATE PPL! lol anyway we are still roamin about the streets causing a riot in MacDowall street with our gang pyt!paddock young teem that is to u. carrie being a fashion student at the ever so colourful cardonald college and Natalie at Jordan hill becoming a teacher..god help the kids of the future!

Memories: London was amazing! never forget it was so funny! especially when Rhona got lost and nat had a conversation about deodorant with Mr Aldous! common room antics:music wars..how mature were our year :/ we shall never forget the Christmas singalongs! highlight of the time here! Mr McPhail sure knows how to play a mean piano!

Teacher: the one and only Mr McCarthy Reason: always had time for everyone..legend...bit of a comedian too! Friends: the table at the window

Robert Mitchell

Update:: Working..getting married..Had two children who are not at this school Teacher: Mr. Park Reason: He was a good PE teacher and he is still there Update: Working..getting married..Had two children who are not at this school Teacher: Mr. Park Reason: He was a good PE teacher and he is still there.

David Malcolm

Update:: I am in California now. Have been for 3 years. Memories: The Ski trip. Hilarious, the whole thing was great from the start, what did the power at be think we would do for 3 hours on a bus? The snowball fight outside the hotel, to the booze and (roach) that was found in our rooms. Then the newspaper article. And finally the suspensions. As I look back our teacher were heroes! Well for the first 2 days, on the 3rd I remember the cracks showing. Teacher: Mr Roux, Maths and Mr Hutchinson, Chemistry Reason: Maths. Mr Roux let me tell jokes in class. Mr H, If you got the conversation round to football that was the end of the lesson well as far as chemistry went anyway. Friends: Boycey, Boydie, Hazel P, Shanks, Goldie

David Moran

Update:: Got myself job as apprentice panel beater. Memories: Getting punnies Teacher: Mr McCormack Reason: Pointed me in the right direction

Stewart (Stoo) McKay

Update:: Graduate from my Quantity Surveying degree in June 2006 Memories: Winning the Scottish Cup in 2000 for the school basketball team. Dolly & the Cuckoo Birds at the 2001 talent show Teacher: Mr Graham Reason: Musical Genius Friends: Common Room Bob

Sean Mulvey

Update:: Well i still live in Johnstone i have a daughter called Melissa Mulvey. She is in 1st year right now. Teacher: Lawson Mr Hooten Mr graham Mr park Mr McCormick Reason: Melissa told me and I remember (had Mr Lawson and Mr Hooten for science)

Mark McMillan

Update:: I'm in college doin that music thang. alot. em its good-- plus my band is alotta fun, i feel old....lol Memories: Me and Danny Semple fightin with..... hmmmm...many a foe.. also Mrs Milligan gave me a hug when i left..that was fun too. Teacher: MR MALANEY (ROCK GOD) Reason: He inspired me to learn "flight of the bumblebee" by extreme..(extreme songs are soooo cool) Friends: IAIN, WEE JOHN, CARA, CHIARA, SETCHELL, ROSS, SPANKY, EE WANN, ALYSON ... god the list goes on.

Graham Macdonald

Update:: Living in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire since 1983, working for an electrical manufacturing company involved with the supply of offshore equipment. Married with three children, five Grandchildren, dream of the day i can retire. Memories: No significant Memories of J.H.S. apart from from wanting to leave. Teacher: Skinny Wilson, Technical teacher.

Malcolm Macaulay

Update:: migrated to Australia living in Tasmania married with 5 children run my own business Memories: being given the belt by Mr park the PE. teacher Teacher: Mr park PE. teacher Reason: made me stop fooling around and help me focus on my football Friends: john Duncan Rennie

Shona McAllister

Update:: I left school and completed my training as a nurse working in Glasgow hospital. I am now a Clinical Nurse Manager for the Scottish Prison Service. I am married with 3 children who take up a lot of time. Memories: Mr Easton's chemistry class experimenting with burning magnesium sulphate and ended up putting a burn mark on the class roof. Teacher: Mr Lawson Biology Reason: I was shy at school and he encouraged me to do well and gave me confidence in myself. Encouraged me to enjoy the topic. His classes were good fun to learn in. Friends: Eleanor Harker, Lynne Stevenson Karen Halliday .

Richard Mackay

Update:: Started off in sales and then moved into IT. Now designing IT systems for the healthcare industry on the largest IT project in the world. Memories: So many - the football & rugby teams of the day, especially on the team buses. Junior building was operating at the time and remember the mass snowball fights between the buildings. School musicals of the day were great fun. Teacher: Paul Gaggini & Mr Hutcheson Reason: Treated me like an individual and helped me believe in myself but also encouraged self discipline. Mr G was unconventional and I liked that. Lots of good teachers at the time - Mr Roux, Mrs Edgar, Mr Lawson & thanks to Mr Doyle for the laughs

Ceilidh Marshall

Update:: I'm currently at uni in Edinburgh studying Audiology. Cant believe how much i miss school and how hard I have to work. Memories: Being presented with a t-shirt by good old Lawson and darroch! Don't really mean the old bit and of course the ski trips and "biology outings" to the zoo etc! Oh and the Advance geo whizz kids this years class has a lot to live up 2! Teacher: Mr Darroch and of Course Mr Lawson Reason: Both looked out for me and made me get my head down while of course letting us have fun! miss the tea and biscuits! Friends: The plastics.

Margaret Mcdonald

Update:: She now lives just down the road from the school in spateston and has a baby girl who is 1 year. Memories: Mr King who sadly died was the person that told her 2 pursue her scientific career and she now is a scientist. Teacher:Mrs Cook Reason: She was very strict but always taught a good lesson. Friends:Lorraine Dick

Roy Nelson

Update:: 23 years with British Rail in various accounting roles, including Internal Audit. Worked in Glasgow, Nottingham, York, Derby and finished with Railpart in Doncaster in 1997. 1997 joined an IT Consultancy and have been with them ever since. I work on projects implementing SAP (Financials) software and my projects have involved me working in France, Italy (twice), Holland, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, and last year (2006) Estonia, Malaysia (8 months) and Thailandc(5 weeks). Memories: Trip to Interlaken, Switzerland in 1970. Teacher: Mr Craig (Maths) and Mr Overend (Music) Reason: Mr Overend because of his enthusiasm and sense of fair play. He introduced opera and encouraged the choir to participate in competitions. Mr Craig as he took the chess club. I was fortunate enough and honoured to captain the chess team during my stay at JHS. Friends: Jackie Ferguson and Alister Sharp

Laura McCann

Update:: After leaving school, I went straight into James Watt College, Studying an NC in Childcare and Education then my HNC the following year. I passed with flying colours (of course)! and qualified as a Nursery Nurse in June 2003. I put my list on the Renfrewshire Council supply list and worked in various nurseries for a couple of years before finally settling down to my first permanent job in a private nursery in Johnstone, which I love. Still living at home in Johnstone with my mum. Memories: Lots of things! - Mr Little's Chess Club, going to Drama Class (for all of 5 weeks)! Being excited about reaching 6th year and thinking you were the bees knees because you had your own room to sit in ( no more standing out in the rain for me)! Going to Biology and History classes, which were the best subjects in the world! Teacher: The Entire History Department Reason: They were all just really nice people!. Past and present - Mr Rae - not a bad word to say against him!, Mr McCarthy - firm but very fair, could have a laugh with him. Miss O' Donnell - she was always so nice to everyone, and a really good teacher to boot. and Mr Auty - one word - MENTAL. I remember when he first started at J High, he was so open and would tell you about his everyday life at the drop of a hat, one thing that a lot of teachers didn't do! Cracking bunch of teachers! Friends: Michael Robertson - get in touch, I lost your number!

Andrew Murray

Update:: After a series of different jobs (including working in a safari park and a chocolate factory) Andrew gained a degree in political sciences.

Memories: getting the belt from Mr Steele who had a collection of belts in his drawer. Teachers: Mr Jamieson, Miss Manwell and Mr Sless. Mr Sless had a car which Andrew claims had classroom chairs welded to the floor instead of the normal car seats! Apart from being his guidance teacher he also remembers being caught by him while taking the day off school to goto WH Smith in Glasgow to get a ZX81.

Ronald Phipps

Update:: Ronald graduated from Paisley university in November 2006 having gained a BSC degree in music technology. He is presently employed as a maintenance technician within the Arches complex in Glasgow. He still plays base with the heavy metal group, "Red Snowman" Friends: David Pollok, Craig McLaughlin, Ross & Fraser Gamble. All members of Red Snowman.

Amit Patel

Update:: Amit left JHS in 2000 and graduated from Robert Gordon, Aberdeen in 2004 and a year later qualified as a pharmacist. He now manages a small pharmacy in the west coast of Scotland. Amit's favourite teacher was Mrs Laird who taught Latin and Classical Studies.

Rebecca Pietryga

Update:: currently studying Applied Bioscience and Zoology at university. Plan to study to become a teacher. Memories: raw bacon stuck to the common room ceiling for the entire year!!!! Teacher: I used to wind up Mr Baird so much and after I got a B in Higher Maths he told me to 'quit while I was ahead'.

Jeanette O'Neill

Update:: After leaving at the end of S5 Jeanette studied Childcare at James Watt College. Teachers: Mr Rae (guide dog charity work), Mr Sheppard (good guy) and Mr Auty (jazzy bow tie).

Donald Reid

Update:: Now live in Saltcoats and a Councillor in North Ayrshire Council.

Sarah Reid

Update:: Since leaving Johnstone High I completed an honours degree in Building Surveying and moved south to Suffolk/Cambridgeshire. I am now living near Colchester and working as a Commercial Manager for a Facilities Management company maintaining Colchester Garrison which is part of the largest PFI in Europe. Memories: Wow, that's a tough one - being chased round the athletics track by Mr Park as he didn't believe i could run the 1500m in less than 6 minutes. Most Memories are good ones! Teacher: Mr Nardone Reason: Difficult to name just one, inspired by Mr Shannon and Mr Edgar also but Mr Nardone made me believe i could achieve a B in Physics which i got which was amazing as got an E on my first attempt! Friends: Janice Jamieson.

Chris Seymour

Update:: I am at strathclyde uni studying chemical engineering. Memories: The London trip 2005,was great fun, we all chipped together and put a plaque up for the school in Shakespeare's globe theatre. Teacher: Mr King Reason: I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for him.

Mark Sibbald

Update:: Working in a dead end job Memories: none Teacher: Mr Darroch Friends: Joshua

Lindsay Shields

Update:: Been studying Sound Engineering to do live sound for musical theatre or Live gigs at James Watt. I'm going to Glasgow Cali this year. Also been trying my hand at a bit of everything from modeling to Snowboarding (The latter I failed miserably at!)

Memories: Mr Fenwick trying to stop Kay and myself talking in History and failing miserably. The last day and Prom. Anything to do with Isla MacDonald.

Teacher: Mr Lawson Reason: He was one of the Many who told me that if I applied myself I'd get somewhere but more to the point he was the one I actually listened to plus he was a funny and nice guy. Friends: I'm still friends with everyone I wanted to keep in touch with.

Chris Scott

Update:: At the mo am in America on a football scholarship. Havin a quality time! Recently went to the national tournament in Florida and got to the quarter finals so that was pretty sweet. Studying Health promotion Fitness management. Still really close pals with Tommy Moore and Calum Gordon. Yaldy!!!

Memories: Winning the Scottish cup when i was in 5th year. I had a minted time in sixth year, would probably do that year all again. Irene the dinner lady always deserves a mention. The great vodka incident is definitely a fond memory! lol!

Teacher: Mr Park, Mr Stewart, Mrs Smith Reason: The teachers mentioned above were just quality. I was always a PE man so the staff there were always really good with me. even in sixth year! Friends: Too many to really mention. Closest in sixth year were Tommy and Calum



Kirsty Webster

Update:: I'm at Glasgow University with lots of smart people! Memories: The Common room was fun. Teacher: Mr Dunlop Reason: He played the piano so well Friends: My BF Chris

El Moustachio (Cara Wilson) and Whiskery Tom (Chiara Pieraccini)

Update:: well, dear reader...mainly we have been concentrating all of our awesome powers on growing immensely shiny and silky moustaches. these have helped us to scare many random people, not to mention a few suspicious-looking pigeons, in the streets. we are currently developing an almighty monobrow and forming a band. its called "We've Got Dead Hairy Faces". catchy, don't you think? you should come along and check us out, we are brilliant at playing musical bumps/chairs at our infamous gigs and that.

Memories: oh our goodness us! there have been so many, everyday was a fun new memory lenore. we very much enjoyed chasing random boys around our tech classrooms with "chuckdicks" (basically a big chunk of metal) and sharpened sticks. this was mainly because they were stupid and ugly. Mr Wilson never noticed. we also enjoyed stealing stuff from Lawson's room (eg batteries from his fancy electric sharpener and glue and "beanhead" the helpless little bean that we secretly grew in the back of the classroom for a few years) hahaha. PLASTIC FANTASTIC YASS! generally annoying ALL teachers and being dead cool and funny and that.

Teacher: Mr MacLaughlan Reason: He made us realise our feet were too big by constantly standing on them. ouch and that. Friends: the gang